Apartment Building Gets Transformed Into A Jungle Treehouse With 150 Trees To Drastically Reduce Noise & Pollution

What has been called an “Urban Treehouse” is not just interesting to look at, but highly useful for the residents inside. Not only is the entire building more energy efficient because the trees help keep a stable temperature, but also provides fresh air to all of its surroundings and a decent amount of noise reduction in this busy city.  Architect Luciano Pia wanted to create the perfect TreeHouse, providing the magic and beauty of a forest of trees right at home while maximizing their utility and benefits. 

It is a special building because it is alive: it grows up, it breaths and it changes since 150 trees with tall trunks cover its terraces. Together with 50 trees planted in the court garden they produce oxygen, absorb carbonic anhydride, cut down air pollution, protect from noise, follow the natural cycle of Seasons, grow up day after day and create a perfect microclimate inside the building so diminuishing the fall and rise in temperature in summertime and wintertime. – Luciano Pia

You can check out this building in Turin, Italy or on Google Maps  street view! With a little conscious planning we can begin to re-design all of our cities to be more integrated with nature. Imagine if we used more trees, gardens, and plants to solve our problems? Photography: Beppe Giardino urban-treehouse-green-architecture-25-verde-luciano-pia-turin-italy-3



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