Vitamin C Tested To Treat & Cure Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, and Even The Flu

We all know Vitamin C is the bomb but could it really be your best bet against disease?

According to research that has been conducted over the past 50 years, it looks like the simple Vitamin C found in nearly every tangy fruit known to man might just be the key to treating and (in high enough doses) curing nearly every bacterial and viral infection known to man.

Really though?

Humans are one of the only species that don’t produce sufficient levels of Vitamin C to support itself from advanced diseases. If my research suits me correctly, the most healthy living practices in the human species are considered alternative at this point (Raw vegetables, Raw Meat, Raw Fish, Spring Water, and for s**ts and giggles we’ll even add “earthing” [walking barefoot] despite it not being food related). If we didn’t live in a manufactured society, I’m sure more vitamins and minerals including vitamin C would be present in the diet more readily. Although we should be on our knees praying to the gods for thankfulness about this discovery, we shouldn’t be shocked that this issue could have been avoided understanding nutrition guidance passed on from our ancestors. “Let food be thy medicine” anyone?

One thing not mentioned in the video…
When taking vitamin C orally the body does regulate how much vitamin C is in the body however other physicians have said that you can maintain a high doses of vitamin C in your body by taking pills or powder hourly rather than daily. Although this method can cause diarrhea temporarily, if you are severely ill, it might just be the best diarrhea of your entire life (considering so many viruses are started in stomach anyway). As a writer, I speak on these topics because I have personally used vitamin C when I was very ill and every dose of Vitamin C made me feel like I could have my full strength in no time (at some points I felt more than 100% and felt a bit perplexed by this). Even thinking about it now makes me want to take a dose because it helps you think better, allows you to get more done, and have more energy overall.

In the video above the doctor speaks of hydrogen peroxide being formed in the body which helps kill the cancer cells. However, let me remind you that hydrogen peroxide is simply water carrying extra oxygen molecules. This is healthy for every aspect of your body (cellular, regulatory, immune) especially in the amounts that the body can produce. Your body’s own hydrogen peroxide production hypothetically could never reach an LD50 (the point that could kill you) making any boosts in energy or physical productivity of your immune system completely safe especially when you aren’t taking super doses every day.

So when your feeling like you need a boost, forget the coffee (love my coffee though), and grab an orange.


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