Want to be Fascinating? 7 Advantages You Didn’t Know You Had

“The world is not changed by people who sort-of care…The world is changed by people who passionately, irrationally, audaciously, care, and if you want people to care about you and your company then you need to communicate your core personality advantages and when you do, people will passionately care about you.” -Sally Hogshead 

The neurological state of fascination involves feeling focused, relaxed and in awe, opened up and in a state of happiness. When we are fascinated by someone we feel compelled to hang on to every word, watch that person’s every move. Would you like to have that effect on people? According to Sally Hogshead author of the book Fascinate:

“You don’t learn how to be fascinating you unlearn how to be boring.” It’s about your ability to radiate and exude charisma based on your core personality strengths.

Sally has developed a personality test that shows you your unique advantages. Knowing which advantages you already possess allows you to take your best traits and use them to create what she calls a “fascination halo” which is akin to an aura exuding your authentic personality strengths.Think of the test as an insurance quote on your personality. A quote on how the world sees you, what it will cost you to stay the same and what you can do to use your natural advantages in the best way possible. You can take the personality test that tells you which are your particular personality advantages here

Put yourself in roles that allow you to be the best and put your personality to its highest use. This way you can take your natural strengths and use them to become more of who you are. There is no resistance in being more authentically you. Knowing which advantages you already possess can help you have a greater impact in your relationships, friendships, and in business. Focus on your advantages and avoid your pitfalls in order to fascinate your listener, whether it is your loved one, your client or your friends.


If you are an innovator, you have unconventional ideas that spark growth in old systems. You like to shake things up. You get your energy from brainstorming and you are creative. Place yourself in roles, situations and around people who will allow you to express your innovative ideas and shine shine shine.

2. Passion

You can forget information, but not emotion. Passionate people naturally intuitive, expressive and engage others because their enthusiasm is contagious. Create an emotional experience for people by communicating the passion you feel.

3. Power 

Energy is power, and this is an advantage for people who inspire others through their vision. Through large goals strong opinions. You often feel you know what you want and can lead the discussion by asking direct questions, taking charge and stepping forward. Place yourself in situations that are goal oriented and decisive.


People with a prestige personality advantage are always looking to improve a situation and exceed expectations. Use this personality advantage  when you are in situations that require you to be are results-oriented and ambitious.


Your consistency helps you to maintain relationships because you follow through as promised. You don’t like to rock the boat and prefer to focus intensely on the task at hand. Use this advantage around people who you know who value stability and trustworthiness over chaotic thrills.

6. Mystique  

A person with a mystique advantage will listen carefully and think before speaking. Use this advantage in situations that allow you to be observant, independent and logical.

The alert advantage is being able to communicate with careful detail. Use this advantage to place yourself in situations that require you to be watchful, aware and take a step by step approach to meet goals.

You probably didn’t even realize you had all of these skills. The key here is to be as authentically you as possible and use what comes naturally for you to communicate in the clearest way possible with whomever you would like.






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