Warning Signs Your Tongue Might Be Sending About Your Health

We all know that we use our tongues to taste the food that we put into our mouths, but what you did not know is that your tongue could be sending you warning signs about your health,

The tongue can be an important gauge to our health. The truth about our health could be on our tongues from vitamin deficiencies to more serious health threats. The tongue can be a vulnerable tool that can track our health. Here are some tips on how to understand what the tongue is telling you.

– The tongues color is very important to pay attention to. The color of the tongue can tell you a lot about the circulatory system and can tell you of the oxygen levels in the body.
– Tongue coating can tell you how well the digestive system is working.
– The tip and the side of the tongue are important for self-diagnosis.

1. White patches: When you have a white coating on the tongue it could mean you have an overgrowth. Candida overgrowths often happen when you have been sick and have taken antibiotics, or when the immune system is weak. Balancing the gastrointestinal environment with healthy probiotics from fermented foods, good quality natural yogurt, or a probiotic supplement can restore the gastrointestinal balance.
2. Webbed or striped look: This could mean chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease.
3. Ridges or indentions: ridges are usually natural, and you shouldn’t be overly concerned about them. Just brush your tongue properly if the ridges are deep to get rid of any food that may be caught.
4. Red tongue: The tongue is a rosy pink color when healthy. If the tongue is red, you need to pay close attention. If you have a red tongue, you could have strep throat or scarlet fever.
5. Bumps: having bumps on the tongue can mean various conditions. They can be caused by physical trauma like biting the tongue. If you have ulcers, then it could mean stress, but just keep an eye on the bumps. If the bumps are painful and don’t decrease it could mean oral cancer.
6. Black hairy tongue: This is one of the most disturbing ones. This could be from poor oral hygiene, recent antibiotic use, or fungal infection. It isn’t a sign of serious underlying conditions.
7. Spots: if you have a mixture of red and white patches on the tongue it could mean you have geographic tongue. A harmless condition that doesn’t need a lot of concern.
8. Macroglossia: This condition is linked with an enlargement of the tongue. It could also be a sign of hypothyroidism.
9. Numbness or tingling: This can happen from damage to the nervous system. Damage to the nerve that supplies the tongue has been reported as a complication of dental procedures.


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