Watch This Balinese Prayer Ritual! I Almost Lost My Mind.


Having Avatar flashbacks? We did too! This Balinese group of men were featured in the film Baraka and are practicing a ritual called Kecak, also known as the Ramayana Monkey Chant in which a collective trance prayer takes place in honor of their culture. In the best-selling guide, Balinese Dance, Drama and Music, authors I Wayan Dibia, Rucina Ballinger and Barbara Anello explain:

“They are spectacles of colour and sound but their main purpose is to please the deities and ancestral spirits … The art expresses the values the Balinese hold dear, such as balance and harmony. Taksu, or spiritual charisma, is the pinnacle of energy which every Balinese performer strives for to mesmerise both the human and divine audience.”

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Much like the Na’vi people in Avatar, we see an entrancing example of the energetic connection possible when humans connect in movement and sound.


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