We are all dehydrated! Scientists Think Deep Ocean Minerals Might Save Us From Chronic Dehydration

Often we think that having filtered water is great! Science seems to suggest that proper hydration is a more complex issue.

One of the leading causes of premature aging is literally the lack of proper hydration. If you live your life lacking proper hydration, there is no doubt you will age faster.

What if your clean water isn’t enough to have proper hydration? Often we think that having filtered water is great! Science seems to suggest that proper hydration is a more complex issue. Cells in our bodies require minerals but not just any minerals, they often require trace minerals. Interestingly, we get many of our trace minerals through the food we eat but the ratios are not in the amounts needed to support life. We need a wide range of land-based foods to help us have that balanced mineral profile.

Research suggests our mineral and vitamin balance is most similar to the ratios found in aquatic life.
The ocean itself contains all of the minerals and sustenance to create life just from the addition of sunlight alone.

So what happens when we take a sample of the most mineral-rich waters on earth and remove the elements that would be detrimental like high sodium and bacteria? That is exactly what scientists and doctors behind a company called Nutra Yu have done to give humanity access to this groundbreaking discovery. The discovery is called Deep Ocean Minerals or DOM. They find mineral zones between 250 and 1500 meters deep. DOM contains over 70 mineral nutrients and trace elements including magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and potassium (K) in their bio ionic form which means its “bio-available form”.

The interesting thing is, scholars for millennia have touted the health and mineral benefits of sea salt but never managed to create a process to remove the part that could give us health problems, the sodium chloride! If we have access to the minerals free of the salt, we are left with only the benefits. This isn’t your grandmamas salt either, this extract comes from deep in the ocean where sunlight can’t even reach so the minerals are undisturbed. Scientists revere it as a primordial substance that can create and sustain life. Could it be a fountain of youth?

The water in our faucets has minerals but consider it what it is, reused industrial waste byproducts. Companies find and prescribe uses for the byproducts of mineral and oil mining. If that isn’t bad enough, much of the inner city water is recycled water with pharmaceutical byproducts from urine in it. Best case scenario, you filter it with reverse osmosis and now have water good enough to drink but now you really have naked water.

The only product on the market that is designed to fortify your water to its optimal state for hydration is called “Premium Hydration” from a company called Nutra Yu. There are other products that can give you similar minerals but like I said, “optimal”. People usually drink water with electrolytes in it like Gatorade or Liquid IV but these products contain a ton more sodium, almost 10 times as much. This is because they don’t desalinate the sea salt they gather. Nutra Yu hand selects the best mineral zones and desalinates the water through reverse osmosis leaving you with exactly what you needed all along, MINERALS.

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