We Rise By Lifting Others

We rise by lifting others up. Our hearts grow, and find happiness, when we grab their hand and hoist them up. In our natural state, we are made to be compassionate and kind. Kindness is a genetic necessity for human survival. The trust and cooperation that is only allowed through giving, allows us to support one another when the going is tough.

Human’s require community in order to survive, as individuals we are weak, but together we are strong.

“We make a living by what we get. But we make a life by what we give.”                                            -Winston Churchill

There is something truly profound about giving, and when we do it makes it hard to grasp why we fall prey to the mind that glorifies selfishness as a route to peace and happiness. The mind often times tries to talk the heart out of being generous and kind.

What you give, you receive. The energies that you put out into the world are reflected back to you, whether they be positive or negative. It may sound cliche, but these words have a ring of truth to them. When you choose to be generous with others, your life is abundant. The fruits of your generosity are multiplied and given back to you. Think about the immeasurable impact a few words can have on a person who truly see’s no hope in life. Think about how privileged we are to exist on this earth, whether it be by chance or with purpose.

The Universe has shared with us the ability to experience life, a debt that, for myself at least, can never fully be paid back. What I can do is give to others a small slice of the blessings I have myself been given. Share a word of love or praise, give a homeless person food to help their hunger. These are the gifts that we can give to others, whether it be through our words or actions, that truly make the most profound impact in our world.

The butterfly effect is a strong force, your positivity and kind words ripple throughout the lives of the people you offer them to. Your kindness inspires others to follow in your footsteps. By being generous and loving, you are becoming a leader.

When you give yourself to another’s challenges, you create feelings of gratitude for your own life. Without seeing how others struggle and their blessings, how can you truly feel blessed yourself?

Society creates a constant need for more within us, this is not how we are meant to be. By constantly seeking the next new iPhone, or a brand new car, we are distracted from what truly matters. Being grateful for what we have. Having new tech and toys is fun and sometimes useful, but don’t let the comparison of what you have taint your own psyche. If you choose to constantly compare yourself to someone else who has more, you’ll never be happy. Just as if someone with “less” compares themselves to you, they will never be happy either.

Strive for greatness, but not so you can tower over your fellow human, but rather so you can lift them up to where you are. If we all truly want to succeed ourselves, we cannot do it alone.


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