What Animal Do You See First? (And What It Says About Your Personality)

Despite the fact that most people live in cities, many of us still feel a deep connection to nature. A good example of this is people’s tendency to feel a connection with a particular animal. Interestingly enough, the animal this happens to be actually says more about you than you might realize.

When you look at the image below, whats the first animal you see? Subconsciously you will be drawn to the animal you feel the most connection with, and each one carries with it a very important indication of the type of person you are.

If you noticed the dove first, you likely have a pure, peaceful soul. The dove has always been a symbol of peace, hope and connection, and this is reflected in your personality. You inspire others and don’t care much for material possessions, instead you feel a deep connection with the world around you.

The butterfly represents pleasure and beauty, and is an indication of hedonism. You chose to live life to the fullest knowing we only have so much time on this earth and each moment should be savored. Small talk feels tedious and you quickly get bored when you feel like your time is being wasted on something you don’t enjoy.

If you noticed the falcon first, you’re a naturally adventurous person. You’re an overachiever who won’t be satisfied until you fly high above your peers. You’re proud of who you are and have very high self esteem because of it. You especially dislike it when you feel you are being held back since you usually live life on your own terms.

Dogs represent loyalty. If you saw the dog first, you are likely a selfless and loyal person. You are generous to those in need and cherish the feeling of making people happy. With a reliable and outgoing personality, You’re always there for those in need. This can come at a price however, as it can take a toll on you after a while. This doesn’t stop you though, because it will always be worth it to make someone else’s day.

The wolf indicates you value privacy. Wolves are pack animals, and this is reflected by you having a small circle of trusted friends you feel comfortable and safe around. You’re picky when making new friends because you understand the importance of surrounding yourself with people you can trust to respect the privacy you value in your life.

The mantis is considered a sacred creature in many cultures, and for good reason. If the mantis is what stood out to you, it shows you prefer to spend your time alone and hate small talk. That being said while you prefer to be alone you still get along well with others. You’re more intelligent that the average person and can easily take advantage of and manipulate your surrounding to suit your needs.

If the crab stood out to you its likely you’re an extremely stubborn person. You protect your sensitive personality by putting up walls to protect yourself which can sometimes come across as harsh or overly abrasive. You prefer to stay in your comfort zone, but when you leave it, you won’t return until you’ve achieved what you set out to do by leaving in the first place.

The horse shows you are someone who values your freedom. You’re free to do whatever you want but will still often chose to use that freedom for the benefit of others. You like to make other peoples lives easier whenever you can and work wholeheartedly towards the betterment of the people you care about.

The hen shows you are happy spending time around your home. You’re most comfortable at home so you want it to be a representation of yourself, you sometimes spend your time decorating even just lazing around doing nothing. You’re a routine oriented person who doesn’t like being pushed out of your comfort zone.



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