What The End Of 2017 Will Look Like For You. (According to Your Zodiac Sign)


Aries, half of your heart wants to let go of the person you love, and the other half doesn’t just agree with you. You’re probably looking at yourself and thinking how you’ve been running in circles and may be completely frustrated with yourself- it is like your heart wants to tell you one thing and your head is telling you something completely different. Aries, you don’t need to let that person go, but don’t force yourself. You’ll do it in your own time when you’re ready. Just remember and keep in mind what you deserve, and stick to it.


Taurus, you may be a bit confused recently- you don’t know which path is right and which is wrong, and you may be unsure about something. If there’s anything you need to do, it is to follow that uncertainty. Don’t let your fear of making the wrong choice tempt you to walk away, because sometimes, if you overcome the fear of failing, you end up going exactly where you wanted to be. The remaining months of your life won’t be great, but they’ll help you reach exactly where you need to be, and you’ll receive a great reward that you don’t see yet.


Gemini, your life has been a bit rocky in 2017, but mostly in a good way. You probably had career changes and relationship changes- basically those life changes that you were earlier afraid to make. Remember that all of these choices are going to pay off now for you. Maybe you may not be in touch with yourself right now, but when the year comes to an end, you’ll find yourself again.


Cancer, if there was one word that you had to use to describe your 2017 so far, what would it be? You may be feeling as if you survived the worst year of your life, but hey there, it is just going to get better. Just because the year didn’t start great doesn’t mean it isn’t going to end on a great note. You’ll be flourishing the most in these remaining months- just hang in there little Cancer!


Leo, you are usually the first one to run away from affections or relationships of any kind- you just hate it and don’t want anything to do with them. 2017 may be extremely overwhelming for you- you may be wondering how you went through everyday and didn’t go insane. You know that other people hate the rain and snow and when everything goes dark and cold, but that’s where you tend to do well the most. Leo, it is time to beat your own drum- laugh at your own jokes and remember that love will come into your life soon- it will be the kind of love that you want.


Virgo- you may have taken a huge step in your career recently and it may seem scary even though you’re doing great. It may take some time for you to figure things out, but don’t forget to be proud of yourself for not giving up on your dreams. In terms of love, you may have given up everything for someone who didn’t even meet you halfway and may have sacrificed a lot for this person, but hang in there. By the end of the year, either that person will step up their game, or you will decide to stop doing everything because you’ll remember your worth and how much you bring to the table.


Libra, you’ve been hurt lately. There’s a deep wound inside you right now that’s going to take some time to heal. You may think you’re not making any progress, but just keep going- take a few steps further and things won’t feel as heavy as they feel right now. You may feel that love is what is going to heal you, but remember that love isn’t just about sleeping with someone at night but more about how you spend time with yourself and treat yourself.


Scorpio, you are the one who has always been more wise than your age. You tend to see things differently than everyone else, and this year, you may be feeling like a lone wolf who is beating their own drum. But don’t worry- just keep focusing on your dreams because as the year ends, you’ll cross paths with someone who is just as passionate as you are and seems to have every quality that you admire. You may have always played safe until now, but be ready for the person because they’re going to change your life in a good way.


Sagittarius, you may be holding on to an old love for a while now and may be hoping that they will come back and realize that they love you. The truth is, you probably never stopped loving them even if you didn’t speak to them for a while now. Remember that you don’t deserve someone who leaves you and hurts you. You deserve someone who holds on to you and feels that you are the best thing that ever happened to them. Don’t lose faith and hope because things are going to work out for you in the end.


Capricorn, you have been lucky to find love in your life- someone who may appear rough on the edges but does love you with all their heart. As a couple, the two of you may be faced with an obstacle which may lead you to the question- do you want to continue your relationship with them, or move on. It is time to ask yourself about what you are ready for. Do you see yourself living your life with this person, or are you better off without them?


Aquarius, as the months move and you come on to the year end, your past will come back to haunt you. It may be an ex or anyone else, and while you may have matured and changed, when you look at them you may remember how everything went wrong. Do not let the past affect you so much and do not let other people’s opinions dictate your present moments.

Remember that if anyone is trying to bring up your past, it is actually that they’re just jealous of you.


Pisces, you are finally going to move on from your past this year and find the love that you deserve- someone that doesn’t make you question yourself and loves you for who you are. You’ll be happy with them, but remember and be cautious because when the world sees you happy and doing well, they’ll try to put you down in every possible way. Cherish and relish every moment with this special person.


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