What The Length of Your Index Finger Says About Your Personality and Fortune

It may be hard to believe, but the length of your index finger may say more about you than you might think. In fact, studies suggest it can determine anything from your personality, academic performance, success, and even the strength of your relationships.

Straighten out your hand—left for males, right for females—and look at your fingers. Notice the lengths of your fingers and compare them; is your index finger longer or shorter than your ring finger? Or are they almost the same length? The relative lengths of these fingers may tell you something about your personality and your fortune.

Scientists have discovered that the length of your index finger is determined by the amount of testosterone (the male sex hormone) you were exposed to in the womb. Exposure to more testosterone slows the growth of your index finger, resulting in a difference in length between the index and ring fingers.

That is, with more exposure to testosterone, your index finger will be shorter than your ring finger, and vice versa. The relative finger lengths determine the disposition of your personality and behaviors.

Illustration #1 shows an index finger that is longer than the ring finger. Illustration #2 shows the opposite: the ring finger is longer than the index finger. While illustration #3 indicates that the index and ring fingers are almost the same length.

You are a confident and a responsible person by nature. You tend to take charge of tasks and guide people through difficulties. People expect correct answers from you.

You are sensitive. You like to take care of the weak and dislike adventures. Your memory is relatively good and you are likely to have a higher academic performance. You may have a greater risk of anxiety and depression, however.

With less exposure to testosterone, you’re more likely to get married and tend to stick to one partner.

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, it means you have been exposed to more testosterone in the womb. You are excellent in sports and endurance activities. You are good at math and puzzle solving. If you are a male, women are more likely to find you attractive, however, you may be less likely to be faithful to one partner (though this is extremely inadvisable for your long-term happiness).

You are cordial and get along well with others. You have a greater tolerance towards risks and love adventures. You are rational, active and sometimes even aggressive. You are more likely to succeed in your career and make a big fortune.

If your index and ring fingers are about the same length, then you are warm, tranquil and compassionate. People are drawn to your peaceful and calm temperament and are willing to confide in you, not being afraid to reveal their secrets to you—even if they don’t know you very well.

People feel comfortable around you because you have a balanced and steady personality. You are inclined to listen more rather than speak, so you are a good communicator and good at helping others solve their own problems.

The more equal the lengths of your index and ring fingers are, the more symmetrical your facial features and the more attractive you are.



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