What The Zodiac Says About Your Chance At Love This Year

photographed in Bucharest this couple were in a cozy embrace.


Aries, you may be looking for someone, but you’ve got high standards which could be making it difficult for you to find someone. However, it won’t deter you and you’ll keep searching until you find everything it is that you look for in your partner.

Love may not come easily this year, but a little challenge doesn’t hurt you, and it will all pay off in the end.


Taureans always tend to look for someone who gives them the feeling of security and strength, and are appreciative of what the other person brings into the relationship. They are also born with a lot of patience, so they take their time to know someone completely before fully committing.

This year, Taurus will try to do something that they have never done before in terms of dating.


Geminis always tend to look for someone who can communicate well, and also seek intelligence in a relationship. However, due to their indecisive nature, it can be difficult for them to know what they want, and they may change their mind quickly.

For Geminis, this year will be filled with love and most of them may get married or pregnant by the end of the year.


Cancerians are emotional people and tend to follow their intuition, so if they meet someone and feel that they are worth their time, nothing can stop them from making things work with that person. They are, however, pretty selective with the people they date, since they take a little time to feel the trust and comfort from them.

Cancerians may feel a little intense at times, but their love is true and they are super loyal. For them, this year is full of confidence and optimism and they will get out there and find their other half.


Leos are super generous when it comes to relationships. The people who are fortunate enough to meet and be with them will know that they are extremely faithful, and they will be pampered with a lot of affection.

This year however, Leos need to slow down and not date too many people and instead, take their time to know one person at a time.


Virgos are analysts, and they may be critical of the people that they date, but that’s because their logic goes over their emotions, and they tend to observe the actions of people first and then decide if they want to date them or not.

If you pass the test and appeal to the Virgo’s heart, you will see an extremely thoughtful person. This year will turn out to be profitable for Virgos, and they will definitely meet someone, or if they have already met someone, they will achieve great things with them too.


Librans are great at balancing their love lives and relationships, and try to remain focused always. They always seek out the truth from their better halves, so when they are lied to, it can be super difficult to regain their trust.

This year, Libra’s charm and passion will help them land on a winning ticket to fulfill their relationship goals.


Scorpios always have a purpose, and they tend to set big goals and mostly achieve them too. They have a good sense of self control too, and dating Scorpios can be a bit frustrating at times, because they are not ready to compromise.

This year, with a little patience and understanding, the Scorpio can be a loyal and loving partner and for them, this year will be passionate as ever.


Sagittarians tend to love people who can have an intellectual conversation with them. They may experience trouble when it comes to dating, but they are optimistic and will find a solution to fix things or meet someone who will bring them endless happiness.

This year, they may be unsure about everything revolving around their relationships, but with their rationality they may be able to figure things out.


Capricorns can be dominating when it comes to relationships but they go forward with perseverance and passion.

This year, Capricorns must try to be emotionally stable, and they may feel restless with a number of attempts at dating, but they must keep going and stay dedicated to themselves.


Aquarians are super generous when it comes to relationships. They are more concerned about the wellbeing of their significant other, and need someone who they can bring along with them in their philanthropic work.

This year can prove to be a good one for them, and they may connect with new people and finally find the right one.


Pisces are imaginative and need someone who can understand and relate to their cheesy romantic gestures. They can be a bit indecisive when it comes to dating, but good communication can help them get through.

This year will be pretty lucky for them, and love will come to them even without them seeking it.


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