What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You Falling in Love

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Falling in love is a blissful experience, but the entire whirlwind of emotions can be different for every zodiac sign. Scroll down and check out what your zodiac sign says about the way you fall in love.


As an Aries, you are a powerhouse of energy. You’re always full of life, and everything that you do is with a lot of logic and consideration. You don’t usually make rash decisions.

You’ve also been blessed with natural leadership qualities, which is why, you like to be the dominant one in a relationship. When you fall in love, you like to have a logical approach to everything, and just like every other facet of your life, in love too, you avoid letting your emotions overpower your practicality.

Since you’re a fire sign, your love feels warm, bright and steady.


Just like Aries, Taureans love being in control when it comes to relationships, but you’re also a sucker for pleasure. You and your partner share an amazing passion and physical chemistry, but it all tends to fall down pretty quickly. As an individual, you’re extremely sensual and like to be in control of your body.

When committed in a relationship, you like to go with the flow, and enjoy the luxury of engaging in finer things in life. You have a calm mindset, and would prefer to settle down with your soulmate in a quiet countryside where you can be in touch with nature.


Geminis are fun to be around, and apart from being an amazing conversationalist, they have an active imagination. As a Gemini, your mind is always buzzing with ideas and you have an incurable optimistic attitude.

When it comes to relationships, you are a bit of a hopeless romantic, and hate being alone, which is probably why you tend to become extremely attached to your better half.

You need to learn to be happy alone, because you tend to want to spend every second with your partner.


Cancerians are often misunderstood when it comes to love- they do fall hard, but still are very cautious. As a Cancer, you look for a true soulmate, and when you find one, you’re usually their number 1 fan. In a relationship, you bring a great sense of humor and love making your partner laugh.

You also admire people who are driven by their goals and are ambitious.


Thanks to your magnetic energy, amazing self confidence, charm and charisma, you, as a Leo, have absolutely no issues finding love. When you’re committed, you are extremely loyal, and while you do enjoy freedom, you enjoy the security and sense of attachment to your partner too. On the downside though, you can also sometimes be jealous and territorial.

When Leo’s commit to someone, they usually do it for the long term. They also need to be adored and reminded constantly of how much their partner loves them.


When Virgos fall in love, they tend to play cool and act detached, but are actually secretly scared of the vulnerability it brings along. As a Virgo, you may be hard to read, but you feel love more intensely than you express. Infact, sometimes you may also feel that love consumes you.

In contrast however, your partner may get frustrated because they’re not sure what’s going on in your active mind.

Virgos are calm, gentle and easy to love and stay in a relationship with.


Libras are highly organized, even when it comes to love. You hate settling for anything lower than what you absolutely want, and when it comes to love, you do just that. You are happy both with and without love, and you’ll jump into a relationship only with someone who you know is right for you, and will respect you.

It is this mindset that sometimes, causes your lovers to wait for a long time before they get a ‘yes’ from you. You also have a strong sense of self worth, and love being a peaceful and harmonious relationship more than anything else.


When in love, Scorpios tend to think with their body before their heart owing to their sexual nature. As a Scorpio, love is everything for you, and with your extremely passionate nature, your relationships tend to be filled with a lot of drama and aggression.

You’re also pretty stubborn, and love getting your way in relationships too. Your intensity and passion would be perfect for deep lovers like Cancer and Pisces.


As a Sagittarian, love is an adventure for you. You have a free spirit and love exploring the unexplored and are not afraid of anything. This is why, when you fall in love, you fall in with all your heart.

You are also intelligent, which is why, you attract intelligent partners and have a good taste for travel and new experiences too, and would love your partner to have the same.

Your excitement and energy levels are high, which is why, you rarely stay in one place for a long time, and don’t prefer being with someone who wants to settle down.


Capricorns have a no nonsense attitude when it comes to relationships, and they hate being in a relationship that just isn’t getting anywhere. As a Capricorn, you like being with someone who has a strong future goal, and focuses on the bigger picture.

You tend to take life and its aspects seriously, and usually avoid being around people who do not have the same mentality. You’re family oriented, and love to have a peaceful, comfortable and happy life.

While you love being in love, you don’t want to be consumed with passion, and would like to find a best friend in your partner.


Aquarians have a big heart, and when they fall in love, they give all of their time and attention to their spouse. Their selfless nature makes them an excellent lover.

As an Aquarian, you also have a passionate side, you want love that overwhelms and consumes you a little bit- something that you can’t live without.

When in love, you don’t play games. You just wait for the right time and finding the right person to hold on to, and when you do, you don’t let go.


As a Pisces, you are sweet and lovable, but you also have a sensitive side to you, and every painful event hurts you to the core. You also have a strong fear of having your heart broken when you fall in love.

When you’re committed, just a little argument with your partner can ruin your entire day, while a little compliment can put you on cloud nine.

You’re also very giving, and often put your partner’s needs over yours. In a relationship, you need to be careful and not lose yourself in it all.


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