Which Do You Think Is A Family? (And What Your Choice Says About Your Personality)


If you picked #1, you’re a person who doesn’t really have a family oriented mindset. As you can tell from the picture, the mother is keeping the father away from the child, and the father, in turn, has an expression that he doesn’t care. If you picked this picture, it suggests that you have probably grown up or spent your life without a strong father figure to support you and be with you, and that is exactly why you like to devote your time and energy into helping the needy. You become extremely happy when you are able to help someone or bring positive changes in someone’s life, and while that’s a good thing, you don’t really know what it means and feels to have an actual family, which has left you damaged.


If you chose #2, you are probably extremely family oriented as a person, and also psychologically sane and normal. If you look at the image closely, it is clearly visible that the woman is neglecting the child. The father too, is no better, and he’s actually oblivious to the child’s presence. Both of them are more interested in putting their own needs first.

If you picked this image, it generally means that you are a good natured individual and are more interested in building long term and harmonious relationships. You value relationships a lot and you also believe in putting the needs of your family first. Sometimes, you go out of your way and make more effort into creating a happy environment for your family and those that are a part of your life.


If you picked #3, it means you may have an underlying psychological condition. The picture shows two parents loving their child, and it is the symbol and image of a happy family. If it strikes you as a fake one, it probably means you had a dysfunctional childhood and one or both of your parents may have not being the loving parent that you wanted them to be. You may be coming from a background of alcohol abuse or mental illness and you don’t know what it feels like to be in a real happy family because your own condition is so damaged.

Source: https://www.readlly.com/psychological-test-not-family/


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