Which Of The Greek Gods You Are (According To Your Zodiac Sign)

The Greek Gods are actually believed to be an attempt explain and understand the different types of people and the different ways they behave in. They include aspects of human nature and emphasize on quirks and flaws that drive everyone of us, and habits that make us all unique. This is actually quite similar to the zodiac, and highlights the good and bad aspects of everyone, and the list below shows which Greek God each zodiac sign is similar to. Read on…


Libra, you are the Aphrodite- the goddess of beauty and love. You are the personification of the fleeting humanity and imperfectly perfect beauty there is. Despite all the light, happiness and love that you bring to other people’s lives, you are often drawn to the wrong type of people. Your husband, the lame smith God, is the ugliest of Gods. But don’t forget- your light shines so bright that other people just want to dim it down.


Capricorn, you are Apollo, the God of music and sun. You have an incredible amount of skill and craft, and you respect people who keep trying to achieve their goals. You are youthful and dreamy and a lot of people wish they were really like you. You’re the type of person who can pick up a guitar and make beautiful music, or someone who can take a hammer and build something wonderful.


Taurus, you are Hestia, the goddess of the hearth. You are the goddess of fire and heat, and you are the definition of what it means to be a good friend. You remember birthdays and have your friend’s best interests in mind, and infact, you are the one who helps them when they can’t help themselves. You are also respected by those around you, and conflict is not really your thing and you hate squabbling with those around you. You genuinely want to make the world a better place to live in.


Gemini, you are Eros, the god of love. You have a thirst for knowledge and beauty, but you were also born into chaos, and for you, chaos feels like harmony. Your beauty can hypnotize people, and sometimes, they can’t just help but be close to you. You always have a partner by your side- that’s just how you roll. Whoever is lucky enough to be with you will feel that their life has been enriched.


Virgo, you are Hermes, the God of trade and speed. You are an observer and were given the job of helping souls find their way. You have an absolute thirst for knowledge and are very wise and deep. You have a sense of empathy, but you also have a dark side. You’re the saint patron of cheaters and thieves.


Leo, you are Zeus, the all powerful of all Gods, and you also have a never ending thirst for knowledge, and are always on the lookout for a good laugh. However, you can also be a little arrogant and self centered, and sometimes even so stubborn that you never ever bend. You have very few people that you trust and respect, and those people are lucky, because they can make it to the top of the mountain with you. Sometimes, your curiosity can get you into trouble.


Aries, you are obviously the Ares, the son of the two most powerful Gods on the Mt Olympus. You have the swag of the Gods, but also can move among mortals and fit in. You’re the person who makes things happen, and while you may not have as many friends as you may like, the ones you do have consider you their best friend. You are fiercely loyal and caring and once you set your mind on something you almost always achieve it. You fight for what you love.


Cancer, you are Artemis. You are fierce and capable and are beautiful too, but that’s not what is important to you. For you, nature, adventure and life are interesting and when it comes to love, you are fiercely loyal and anyone who messes with the ones you love will feel your wrath. You’re tough deep within, and you’re not just the goddess of the hunt but also the goddess of childbirth. You’re tough and fierce, yet beautiful and nurturing.


Sagittarius, you are the Dionysus, the God of arts and wine. You are a hero no doubt, but of your own story. You are the child of a mortal and a God and as a result you have qualities of both. You sacrifice a lot to bring beauty into the world, and you want others to realize their talents, smarts and beauty, because you love those who are close to you. You leave a mark on those who are fortunate enough to be in your life.


Aquarius, you are Poseidon. You’re the leader and people always want more of you than you give out. You may be perceived as aloof or emotionally unavailable and that’s true, because you need more alone time than others. But on the other hand, you also need a mate- someone to support you and someone who is on your team no matter what. You can be a bit moody and impulsive sometimes too, but once you set your mind onto something, you can definitely achieve it.


Scorpio, you are the Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. You are trusting, and yet are drawn to people who are ambitious and powerful. You may come across as gentle, but if anyone messes with you, they’ll feel your wrath. You tend to feel you are right all the time, but that’s because you usually are. You are able to keep your cool when most people are on the verge of losing their temper.


Pisces, you are the god of the underworld- the Hades. But hey, Hades isn’t a gloomy old bum, he’s the second most powerful God, and is married to the goddess of beauty. You have the secret power of invisibility and people usually don’t know what’s going on in your mind. You may come off as devilish in front of your friends, but you are actually pretty artistic. You have the desire to live in your own world, and that comes from the core of you.


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