Who is the Most Stupid in This Image? Your Choice Reveals a Key Detail About Your Personality

Take a look at the image below. It’s hard to argue the fact that nobody in this picture is doing anything particularly intelligent, however who is the most stupid has sparked quite a bit of debate. Some argue that the one endangering himself is making the worse decision, however others insist it’s the one intending to cause harm to others. Whatever your answer is, the one you choose reveals something important about your personality.

No. 1

If you chose number one you’re likely someone who gives up easily. Instead of taking control you often assume you have no power or influence and simply comply with whatever life throws at you. You don’t like conflict and prefer to remain neutral and peaceful in times of quarrel. You’re a kind and forgiving person with a great faith in others, and because of this dishonesty and conflict often make you sad.

No. 2

You’re someone who often dives headlong into things without fully assessing the situation. This leads to you making mistakes when they could have been avoided and getting swept up in emotion rather than following the logical path. This often comes across as stubborn.

No. 3

You are often impulsive and fight for what you believe in till the very end. You are an excellent strategist, this combined with an unwavering drive towards your goals makes you someone bound for success.

No. 4

You’re a rebel at heart. Always willing to fight, even against yourself, in order to prove a point. However you still think rationally and nothing you do is without purpose, you’re a born revolutionary.


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