Why All The Strongest People Battle Anxiety, And The Personality Traits Responsible For It

We generally think of anxiety as a weakness. But what if it’s actually a sign of strength?

Anxiety is a sign of your body wrangling with it’s natural fight or flight response—while also dealing with everything else going on around you.

And yet, odds are good you’re able to manage that anxiety while also knocking out tasks left and right. See what I mean? Anxiety might actually be a sign of people who are better at managing things around them.

In fact, the five personality traits below are each more common in anxiety-sufferers:

1) Preparedness

Anxiety means you’ve already considered every possible scenario—and as a result, you’re probably better prepared for whatever may come.

2) Compassionate

You know what it’s like to struggle, because of your anxiety. As a result, you’re far more forgiving and tolerant of others when they struggle, too, because you understand and can show compassion while you empathize with them.

3) Bravery

It takes courage, strength, and bravery to deal with anxiety—and that translates to other life situations as well. Because you’ve learned how to manage your anxiety, you’ve learned how to control your other emotions as well, including fear, meaning you’re far more able to take on new, scary challenges.

4) Toughness

Anxiety can mean you feel things more deeply, and as a result, any sort of struggle can be more difficult for you. Yet you persevere. That’s incredible toughness!

5) Honesty

You know that it’s far more emotional trouble to not speak the truth, so you maintain honesty in your life. Your life is built on truth, and you expect the same from others. Additionally, you know all too well the pain of being lied to—and don’t want to cause that for anyone else.


Check out the video below for more information on anxiety.


*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.


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