Why Modern Relationships Fall Apart So Easily

Is it just me or are relationships harder today than they used to be? Why do we fail at love over and over, despite trying so hard?

It seems in today’s society people have a new love of their life each week. Most people think they are looking for love, but they are only focusing on excitement and thrill in life. They want someone to go to the movies with, somebody to hang out with spending a few hours laughing a partying. So they spend time together, catch feelings, and later on stop talking to one another. They have their fun and move on in life.


So what happened? Did they fail at falling in love? The problem is, people are not investing in each other like they used to. People get bored and suddenly move on to another partner. People in this day in age are only worried about instant gratification; once we get bored it is time to move on to the next adventure, to the next partner.

We live in a nation full of people who are unprepared, unprepared for the sacrifices and for the compromises, for the unconditional love. People are just not ready to invest in all that it takes to make a relationship work. Everything has to be easy, it has to be handed to us. We are quitters. All it takes is a small hurdle to make us crumble to our feet. It is impossible to let love grow this way, we simply let go before it is time.

Monotony has begun to take over the lives of the average adult, and sadly, we do not leave time for love like we used to. We work ourselves to death and immerse ourselves in meaningless things like drugs, video games, and the internet.

Communication has been lost in the world of technology. Often times in relationships, we fear communication. We do not want to ruffle the feathers of our partners so we let things go that should not be let go. If you bottle your feelings up, they turn into resentment and resentment, aside from jealousy, is the ultimate relationship killer. Our physical presence has been replaced by texts, voice messages, snap chats and video calls. People know too much about other people in the social media generation, so what is left to talk about?


Our generation is more sexually liberated than any that has come before, and that is saying a lot. We are what the boomers call the “hookup-breakup” generation. Sex to us has nothing to do with love, it is simply getting “laid”. We often find ourselves in love, but still want to explore outside of the relationship.

People would rather spend an hour each with a hundred people that spend the day with one. We have been programmed to be social beings, we believe more in knowing people than getting to know them. We commit ourselves to relationships and at the slightest attraction, we step out as soon as we find someone better. Finding it impossible to bring out the best in that one person. We want them to be perfect, dating a lot of people but rarely giving them a chance. We are disappointed in everyone.


We live in a nation of cowards, people who are scared to fall in love, scared to commit, scared to fall, and scared to get hurt. We do not allow anyone in and we do not step out and love anyone unconditionally. We hide behind brick walls that we have built up by looking for love and running away as soon as we find it. People no longer value relationships, sometimes letting go of the best people we have ever met just to hold on to the empty space, looking for the other fishes in the rhetorical sea. Some of the most basic human instincts seemingly lost.


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