Why Our Best Friends Sometimes Become Strangers

Everybody in our lives serves an important role, be it friends or family, everyone teaches and guides us in some way and helps us grow as people. However the sad truth is, sometimes someone who we once held dear fades out of our lives. A friend that once taught you so much can quickly become someone who holds you back instead of helps you grow and it become time to say goodbye. The question is, why does this happen?

We hurt each other. . .

Sometimes we hurt each other. Sometimes rifts are created because we either accidentally or intentionally hurt one another. At times, friends have a disagreement that they simply can’t get past. It has a lot more to do with a disagreement though. One person peeved doesn’t end a friendship. It has to be a great trauma. You can’t keep people in your life if you’re going to hold onto toxic feelings in order to be with them. If you can’t get over pain inflicted by a friend, it’s time to move on.

We change. . .

Sometimes we just change as people. Do you have the same friends as you did 20 years ago? 10 years ago? 5 years ago? Your friend circle is often changing if you’ve lived a life like I have. Some friends stick around long term, and those are friends you grow with. Some friends we lose track of. It’s not for any reason nearly as traumatic as hurting one another, but it just happens if you aren’t able to grow together.

Can we learn from it?

We lose friends from time to time. It doesn’t serve us to hold onto regrets and anger, nor blaming yourself for friends lost. Understand the falling out happened and move on. Sometimes friendships can be repaired years later. Other times, not. You can truly only do your best.


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