Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart (According To Your Zodiac Sign)

Have you found yourself with a broken heart a few too many times? If so you understand that living with a broken heart isn’t an easy thing to do. And while it can be one of the most painful thing someone can endure, heartbreak teaches us important lessons we likely would not have been able to learn otherwise. These heartbreaks happen in order to teach us not only things about ourselves but the other people in our lives as well. This article talks about the reason why you have or will have your heart broken according to your zodiac sign, and hopefully will give you a better understanding of this painful event and its important role in your life.

These Are The Reasons Why People Keep Breaking Your Heart According To Your Zodiac Sign.

1) Aries

People with this zodiac sign are selfish and aren’t ready to admit it. Your biggest negative quality is not loving you. Aries are too focused on the self and life to let love get in your way. Your partner starts feeling like they could just never keep up with you. While you are so busy in yourself that you don’t think much about your partner. In the end, they end up getting fed up with your lack of concern and then they will just choose to leave you.

2) Taurus

When your partner doesn’t feel the way you feel about them, you will feel shocked. You are very possessive and have a tendency of having high expectations from your partner. You always like to take ownership of the people you are in relationships with. You have a tendency to set very high expectations for your partners and this is one of the reasons that will break your heart eventually.

3) Gemini

You are lighthearted and mostly so inconsistent that your partner has no idea if you’re serious about your relationship or not. In your case, it’s others who usually end things with you before you have the chance to end things with them. Not taking things seriously is one of the major reasons you get your heart broken.

4) Cancer

You are very sensitive and vulnerable. You take your decisions with your heart and in the end, your own heart betrays you. You are emotional and if you have a partner who has no emotional connection with you, and you don’t even speak up that you need their time, affection and attention. Just share your feelings with your partner before the gap in your relationship cause a heartache to you.

5) Leo

You are a big attention seeker and always want all eyes on you. You are not your true self when people don’t give attention to you and when you’re in a relationship, you always want your partner to give attention to undivided devotion. And when you become a little too needy, your partner is going to leave you soon.

6) Virgo

You are a perfectionist and always like to do things in a proper and structural manner. You are not super romantic, and your love is really practical and service-oriented. If you are with a partner who doesn’t get that about you, you’ll have a letdown. Not all have a strong personality like you and somehow these reasons end up driving them all away.

7) Libra

Libras are the most hopeful of the signs, and this may be a problem in a relationship. You devote your focus and attention to so many aspects of life that you are bound to be neglecting some parts of it. Sometimes, your relationships won’t be a priority for you anymore and you will end up paying for it.

8) Scorpio

You are passionate but your passion sometimes translates to jealousy. Always know that you can’t control the one you love. There is no middle ground in your relationship, it’s either you end up getting heartbroken or you’re too suffocating. You expect the same amount of love in return, so, scorpions, stop chasing people who are less in love with you and doesn’t feel the way you feel about your relationship.

9) Sagittarius

People who have this zodiac sign hate being stuck in one place and they are a kind of person who always wanders and roams around. They expect the same things from their partner but their high expectations will get them into trouble. If you’re an extrovert and your partner is an introvert, let them stay home once in a while.

10) Capricorn

You act too robotic and you rarely allow yourself to be vulnerable. But this cold nature is going to end up betraying you. You are all about being determined and setting goals. If your partner appears to be like-minded, you’ll be deeply committed. However, if in time, your partner is opposite, you will feel the faint sting of a heartbreak. This is one of the biggest reasons for the failure of your relationship.

11) Aquarius

People with this zodiac sign are smart. You always have witticism on the tip of your tongue. It’s fun to be with such a quick-minded person but you should know when to turn it off. You will get into arguments and squabbles with people, and that can be a destroyer in your relationship.

12) Pisces

You are a giver and you will give your everything until your last breath.Your love is beyond deep, it’s almost abysmal. All you desire is to experience a love outside of this physical body, outside of notions, but this world doesn’t get you. It makes people feel like they’re not good enough for you down and you’re still looking for more. But when they are not able to keep up with you, they finally gonna leave you with a broken heart.


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