A Wolf With A Neurological Disorder Is Treated By An Energy Healer. Beautiful!

“Knowing how sensitive wolves are to energy, we thought it was worth a try but we didn’t know if she would accept a stranger putting their hands on her.” – Susan B. Eirich, Co-Founder of Earthfire Institute

Apricot is a beautiful wolf who developed an incurable neurological disorder that was distorting her posture and causing her pain. The only options they were given was to give her drugs, but apricot’s caregivers refused to resort to harmful chemicals. They instead contacted an energy healer who specializes with treating paralyzed human nervous systems using universal energy. Despite her hard-wired natural fear and survival instinct, Apricot entered a deep healing trance and enjoyed the experience so much that she asked for more! After a few sessions with the healer, the wolf felt significantly better. This video shows one of many interactions at Earthfire Institute that deepen our understanding and connection to wildlife. This is SO beautiful!


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