Woody Harrelson delivers a powerful cry for help to humanity. You need to hear this 2 min video


The planet needs our help. The solution? It’s literally on our finger tips. Our purchasing power has more impact on the planet that you would ever think. There really is no good reason for why we keep choosing to buy many of the products we currently consume other than that they have been successfully marketed to us; advertising companies know how to create a demand for products that are harmful to ourselves and to the environment, how to convince us that we want and need them.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret…you don’t need those products! The more you opt out of purchasing harmful products, the more big corporations will be forced to either adapt to what the people want by providing safer products or go out of business, plain and simple.

A few days ago, Woody Harrelson released a video explaining just why we should support the products and companies which resonate with our values and the planet, using his significant celebrity to share this message with the general public — a message which many people might not have heard otherwise.

Here’s what Woody had to say…



ORIGINAL ARTICLE SOURCE: http://www.inspireactachieve.com/consciousness/this-2-minute-message-from-woody-harrelson-is-a-wake-up-call-everyone-needs-to-hear/


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