You have a lifetime to find your soulmate, so find yourself first.

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I know that all you want in this world is someone who will hold you close and treat you with all the love you deserve. However, you can wait, there are still some things you need you need to do for yourself first.

Finding your soulmate should never be your main priority in life. Finding yourself must come first.

Figure out what makes you feel passionate. Find out what makes your body burst with joy, with love, and with pure euphoria. Figure out what pushes you to go to bed at 2 AM and wake up at 6 AM. Find the things that makes you grateful to be alive, to breathe.

Why does the person in the mirror look so sad and depressed when they’re alone? What is it that they need? If that what is a who, then what type of person do they need? Is it a best friend to share the joys of life with? Is it a stranger to drink with to erase the pain? Is it an inner voice that they need? A voice that will ease the self doubt and anxiety? A voice that will tell them that they are beautiful and should be proud to be themselves?

Find out what sends shivers down your spine. Find out what makes the butterflies in your stomach fly. Find out what makes those cliches come to life.

Find out who the person you were meant to be is. Get to know them, find out what makes them thrive in this sometimes brutal world. You want a house on the beach, but what will make that house a home? A beautiful baby girl or boy to run around? A kitten purring at your feet? Doctorates to hang on your wall? What is your dream job? What do you want to wake up every morning and work towards? What makes you want to break free of everything that holds you back and be the very best you can be? Aside from money and security, what exactly do you hope life will bless you with?

Find out what you want the universe to give you. Don’t be afraid to sound ridiculous, or unrealistic, or even insane. Don’t restrain yourself because someone told you that you couldn’t as a child. Don’t listen to the lies of limitations told to you by your family, or even your friends.

You must find out what inspires you to take on the world. You must find out what will give you energy on the darkest of days. You must find out why you are here on this beautiful earth. No matter how worthless you might feel, you have a great purpose, a magical one. You have reason to be here each moment, in each moment, and it’s absolutely beautiful. You are absolutely beautiful.

You have a lifetime to find your soulmate.

Until then,

Find yourself.


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