Your ‘I Will Love You Until..’ According To Your Zodiac Sign

Love is a beautiful feeling that can overcome every obstacle and remove all sadness and pain. It has been the driving force behind many works of art and other feats of passion. However, every form of love has limits.

What happens when love fades away? When and why does it fade away? Can it be predicted? Here is what makes your zodiac sign lose faith in love. Reading this will help you predict the degeneration of your relationship with someone you love whether it is a romantic relationship or a friendship.

Aries: …until you Betray me!

Aries is the zodiac sign of the God of War. This means one thing- every day of their life is a constant battle and they are prepared to fight until their last breath. Most of the time though, they fight ghosts that don’t actually exist. When they get bored, they may search for things that make them angry and make them want to fight again.

An Aries wants to conquer and if you’re engaged with one in any way, try to keep them occupied and always give them something to conquer. This will, this way, try to keep getting you forever.

Taurus: … until you break my heart

It usually takes a lot of bad moves to break a Taurean’s heart. They may get hurt easily but it is not easy to destroy them. This is why they are often considered steady and faithful and endure whatever problem the Cosmos may bring.

Once you have earned their trust make sure you don’t break it, because if you betray them and make them feel insecure about their own choices or insult their house or the way they look, you’ll end up breaking their heart.

Gemini: … until you try to outsmart me

If you plan to play mind games with a Gemini- don’t. That’s a bad idea. Geminis are the masters of deception and their minds run faster than you can imagine. This is why, trying to outsmart them will almost always backfire.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which deals with intellectual affairs, communication and commerce. If you think you can fool them, that makes you the biggest fool. Just when they realize this, they’ll find a way to make you look stupid.

Cancer: … until you abandon me

Cancer is the sign of the moon and company is extremely important for them. They love to have quality time for themselves too, and seek the balance in a relationship. Once they trust someone they can give the world to them.

Cancerians are both sweet and possessive, but betraying their trust is the baddest move you can make. For them, emotional security is the topmost priority and they always give up on a relationship that doesn’t make them feel safe and loved. They will drift apart like the tides of the sea and it is impossible to get them back.

Leo:… until you make me look like a fool

Just like the Sun, everything about the Leo is always the center of attention. They find it quite natural to feel that they are always judged, and are very protective of their social image. In a relationship, they feel the need to be appreciated.

Do not insult a Leo especially about the things the feel insecure about, or consider sacred. They will always love you until you prove to be ungrateful for the things that they’ve done for you. Make sure you always find something good to say to them. Leos appreciate honesty and know their flaws too, but just don’t want their loved ones to rub their mistakes in their faces.

Virgo: … until you start lying

Virgos are children of Mercury and are the masters of truth and criticism. They know what is happening all the time and like to observe and understand human behavior. The moment you lie to them is the moment you lose them forever.

Virgos can trust anyone easily and have a heart full of hope, which is why, they are easily hurt. They often lose faith to most people, so make sure you’re completely honest with them, or else it’ll make them question every word you say.

Libra: … until you mess with my peace

Being the natural peace makers and diplomats that they are, Librans always try to look for a way to end quarrels and make the world a paradise. However, if someone tries to come in the way of their ‘order’ they lose their minds.

Librans are the children of Venus and will do everything possible to make a relationship last, but in the way they want. They may not clearly show you they despise you but you’ll start feeling it in a subtle difference in their behavior until it is all over. If you’re in a relationship with them, stop messing with their peace.

Scorpio: … until you start keeping secrets from me

You don’t want to mess with a Scorpio. You just don’t. Make sure you come clean to them. They can handle the truth but make sure you don’t keep any secrets from them.

No matter how messed up you are, a Scorpio will love you completely until they sense that you’re keeping secrets from them. The key to keeping a Scorpio forever is to never lie to them or try to outsmart them in that process, because sooner or later they do find out, and they can be horrible at holding grudges.

Sagittarius: … until you no longer bring me hope

Saggitarians are the children of Zeus, and all you have to do to piss them off is to make them feel miserable. They can truly love you until you shut the door of optimism to them.

They always aim higher and higher and all they want is someone to trust their vision. If you mess with that or criticize their goals there will be troubled times for everyone. Make sure you don’t make them lose hope on you.

Capricorn: … until you give up

Capricorns are the children of the God of Time and they know how to make things last, especially relationships. They are truthful and warm-hearted.

Make sure you don’t give up on life, because that’s going to be the moment they stop admiring you. No matter how troubled things are, make sure you find a way to aim higher and work with yourself and keep going until things are better in any way possible- they’ll keep loving you for that and will do so till the end of days.

Aquarius: … until you look like everyone else

Aquarians are drawn to uniqueness. They catch little traits of personality of you, and while you might yourself not be proud of them, they still admire you. They love people who are unique.

If you’re in a relationship with one, make sure you embrace your diverse qualities and don’t forget to cultivate your talents. Don’t ever stop amazing them with all the little secrets you have up your sleeve because they fall in love with each one of them.

Pisces: … until you make me stop dreaming

Pisces will embrace and love you till you make them lose their faith in their passion and dreams. For them their dream world is their real world and they often travel there to get inspired. Make sure you keep inspiring them with a warm heart and tender words.

Since they are really sensitive too, make sure you don’t be too cold. Gently remind them to live in this world too, but don’t drag them violently into it. They have many fairy tales in their mind, and if you let them dwell there, they’ll love you till the end of time.


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