Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Crazy They Are As Exes

1. Scorpio

This one was obvious- Scorpios were definitely going to come on top of the list, and they’re dangerous because they wear a mask over their darkness- a mask of humor, but don’t be fooled. The other signs may call you 17 times in a row or cry for months post split, but the Scorpio will quickly go back to their old life and will watch you intently as you move on with your life. After a breakup, they’ll take everything you do to them as a transgression against them and they’ll be watching your every move. Yes, they’re watching everything you do, and they’re still mad at you.

2. Leo

Leos can easily be the crazy ex because breakups tend to bruise their ego. They have to deal with the humiliation of being out of a relationship, and the idea that someone doesn’t want them can be too difficult for them to digest. They may then lash out to you- their ex, in ways that they don’t really mean. Leos aren’t bad, but when they love someone, they love them intently and when they break up, losing that person can be extremely painful for them, and then, insanity ensues. You can expect to hear from your Leo ex, and yes, you’ll hear from them often.

3. Gemini

Geminis are third on the list- they give up so much and invest so much into their relationship that they don’t understand what to do after the breakup. Infact, your Gemini ex may still be in love with you, but that’s because they’ve relied on you for so long that they don’t even have a voice for themselves. They may still want to hold on to the relationship because they don’t want to go through life alone. They can prove to be a crazy ex because one minute, they love you a lot, and the other minute, they are okay as friends and the other moment, they can be super annoyed at you for the breakup.

4. Virgo

Just like Scorpios, Virgos rank pretty high on the list of crazy exes. On the surface, they may appear chilled out, but beneath it all, they are extremely paranoid and have an explosive tendency. They tend to overthink a lot, which is why, you need to watch out for them. Sometimes, they may lash out to you with irrational ideas and you won’t even know what to do or what you did that prompted it. Rest, it is just that they need to tell you how much they hate you, and that’s exactly what they’ve been thinking about ever since you both broke up.

5. Pisces

Pisces can be the most emo exes- they can be dramatic about everything, especially when it comes to love. They may send you a random text at 2 am and even have a poetry written about you, and they’ll stare at the sky and listen to old romantic music imagining meeting you in the afterlife to discuss how you two were fated to meet. Then they’ll turn all of their repressed pain into the most beautiful piece of art you’ve ever seen, or mould it into unadulterated anger.


  1. Cancer

Cancers are right in the middle of chill to crazy- they are able to disengage with their partners and past relationship, but at the same time, they also have a strong desire for vengeance that leads them into the spiral of self doubt. Since Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac and they’re mostly connected to the home, they also pay a lot of attention to loyalty and partnership. They have the hardest time ever when they lose their love, but they can be pretty good at rebounding for themselves too. They also realize that there are other fish in the sea and that they will finally be able to experience much more happiness with someone else too.

7. Capricorn

Capricorns can indignant when they lose their love. They aren’t what you would call crazy- they won’t lash out on you, but they also won’t just sit back and take it all lightly. Being driven and self structured that they are, they find a way to channel the breakup into making themselves better, or doing something constructive in a visible way. Capricorns tend to process anything in their life as a way to improve themselves- that’s how they feel in control again. After the breakup, they usually just move on and try to find a new enlightened side to themselves.

8. Libra

Librans are extremely romantic, but that’s actually what helps them after a breakup. They know that they will find love once again, and believe it or not, they hate coming off as the ‘crazy ex.’ They always want to have an air of beauty around them and they hate going into the pits of misery. So basically, it doesn’t mean that Libra isn’t a crazy ex- it is just that they do a good job of hiding it. But yes, they also move on quickly or atleast create a very good illusion of it, and because they put so much effort into it, it actually works out for them.

9. Aquarius

One of the funny things about an Aquarius is that when they break up with you, they don’t actually feel the pain as much as you do. They can be heartbroken, but they won’t allow themselves to be taken over it the way most other people do. They instead, try to channel that energy into a productive way, and you won’t even feel that they’re hurt. This is actually the reason of downfall of many of their relationships- their inability to express their feelings and emotions. They tend to be easily disengaged from everything.

10. Taurus

You may be surprised at this one, since Taurus tends to be extremely committed to relationships, but the reason why they’re on this spot is because they tend to delude themselves into thinking that they’re very happy post their breakup, when in reality, they’re not! At the end of the day, you may not even hear from your Taurus ex because they’re busy moving on to bigger and better things. Even if they’re hurt a lot, they won’t act out to let you know- it is not their style. Just make sure you don’t cross them because if you do, there’s no going back. They may forgive but they never forget.

11. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are chill exes. They may get upset about something for a few minutes, and within the next few minutes, they will be ready to backpack and climb a mountain in Peru or read a book about reincarnation. They are the least likely to take a heartbreak too seriously, and they will find tons of better things to do than to sit and mope around someone who is gone. They are well rounded people and get over everything quickly- infact so much that they even start casually hooking up after a breakup.

12. Aries

When an Aries dumps you, they just don’t care. Don’t mess with their heart because if you do, you’ll be thrown out no questions- end of story. They tend to take life seriously and if they feel you are incompatible with them and they don’t feel that your relationship is headed anywhere, they won’t worry about it and they’ll quickly move on. They score 10/10 for being the most chilled out ex there is. They honestly do not care about the breakup, and do not have any idea of getting back together!


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