Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most Insecure To Most Confident, Which are you?

1. Virgo

Virgos are extremely scared to make mistakes and risk looking stupid. For this reason they hate being the center of attention or put on the spot in any way. They prefer to chose their words carefully and tend to overthink things. Even when things go well they will replay a memory over and over again until they find something they did wrong.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius put all their energy into making their life look easy. They take pictures, tell stories, and do everything they can to keep up the appearance of a perfect life. However their reality is rarely how it appears. They often aren’t happy with the life they have and try to make it appear more glamorous than it is, just for the sake of receiving a temporary confidence boost.

3. Cancer

Cancers tend to have the problem of caring too much. They over react to little things and are easily hurt. When someone cancels plans or raises their voice cancers are often more hurt by it than others. Something that another person could easily brush off a cancer might think about it for days instead.

4. Gemini

Geminis change the way they act depending on who they are with. They want everyone to like them and in doing so they will often lie about their opinions in order to come across as more relatable or appealing. This isn’t because they are a naturally dishonest person, it’s just because they are too insecure to be their true self.

5. Libra

Libras often rely on the approval of others for their own self esteem. They seek out attention and compliments, often through self deprecation, then waiting for their friends to compliment them in retaliation. They will often frequent dating sites with no real intention of finding someone, instead just looking for the ego boost that comes along with knowing  someone is attracted to them.

6. Taurus

Taurus generally value intelligence above all else and therefore will do whatever they can to ensure other people think they are smart. They will sometimes use big words and discuss topics they don’t fully understand to perpetuate the image of intelligence they value. They might even feel threatened by others intelligence, trying to one up others to prove their worth.

7. Aries

Aries often project an image of indomitable confidence and strength when in reality they’re more sensitive than they let on. When they’re hurt they refuse to let anybody see them cry and will often overcompensate with humor and other deflections to hide the pain they are really feeling. They act like they don’t care about anything or anyone but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

8. Pisces

Pisces are the picture of confidence around other, having no problem with public speaking or social events and thrive when making new friends. However when they are left alone with their own thoughts and no longer have the attention of others as a distraction, the insecurities start to creep in. Pisces are their own biggest critic and nothing helps fuel their self consciousness than time spent alone.

9. Sagittarius

Strong enough to take criticism to heart but not take it too personally, Sagittarius are strong enough to roll with the punches and never let insults keep them up at night. They think that someone insulting them is more of a reflection of that persons character than their own flaws and never give haters a second though.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns aren’t overly cocky, they just know their own self worth. They never let anyone get to them because that already know they’re intelligent, talented, and kindhearted so why should they care if someone else doesn’t see that. Because Capricorns are often lone wolves, they understand that just because nobody sees their greatness it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

11. Scorpio

Scorpios recognize their flaws and embrace them. They are happy with their life, personality, and looks. They’re not bothered by who they see in the mirror and don’t care if other people don’t like it. They may have some bad habits, but they’re aware of them and don’t think they’re bad enough to bother changing for the time being.

12. Leo

Leos are by far the most confident, they always stand their ground and never admit defeat. They think their way is the best way and whenever they’re disrespected they don’t give it a second thought. They know what they deserve and if someone isn’t willing to give it to them there’s no reason to pay that person any mind. Leos never settle for anything less than the best in every aspect of their life.


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